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Decades ago, the best weed you could hope for was the legendary brick weed. It was, however, good enough to get people high.

This level of the psychoactive cannabinoid will blow the mind of even the most experienced users. When you walk into a dispensary, there are different concentrate types available.

white crumble wax

There is shatter, wax, crumble, budder, and many more. They vary in consistency, color, and character, depending on the extraction method. At the last count, there were overconcentrate items available. Extraction labs and manufacturers of equipment have had to develop sophisticated tools to produce high-quality cannabis concentrates.

You might be surprised to learn that concentrates such as budder, crumble, and wax have a similar creation process. The crumble wax creation procedure closely mimics that of budder and shatter. However, the pre-purged oils used to make crumble contain more moisture. They are also a thicker consistency with a slightly different temperature used in the process. You can turn wax into crumble by purging for a more extended period at a lower heat.

The result is a crumbly concentrate that contains lots of terpenes and tastes better than wax. The name gives a lot away. Working with the material is challenging. If you work with it by hand, it gets beneath your fingernails, and you can only remove it by thorough washing.

Before the substance ever becomes crumble, you first need to extract it from the plant. The first step is to take the buds from the crop after harvesting. Then the buds are weighed and transferred into vacuum-sealed bags. If the harvested weed comes from an indoor facility, manufacturers will store it in a freezer around 40 degrees Fahrenheit. If it arrives from an outdoor grow, the company places it in a cooler with liquid nitrogen or dry ice.

The key is to freeze the bud within two hours to lock in the chemical profile of the plant. It could also preserve the flavor and scent of cannabis that usually is cured and dried. Another benefit of freezing marijuana is that a company can immediately supply the market with a strain that has become scarce. Whether the bud is frozen or not, you put in a special extraction system.

Some companies prefer to use CO2 extraction instead, in the belief that it is cleaner. However, when they use butane, all traces are removed long before they turn the extract into wax.

Larger organizations have developed some astonishing extraction devices. If the weed is frozen, a company can put in a tall steel column where the butane or propane gas is added to the solvent chamber.Fans of cannabis concentrates are always on the look-out for more potency and more flavor. Where shatters and isolates may fall short in the taste category, crumble waxes deliver.

Crumble wax is a weed extract made through a similar process as shatter. To create either product, processors extract cannabis resin from the plant with a solvent such as butane.

During the purging steps, manufacturers apply heat and vacuum filtration to remove the solvents. To create crumble wax, processors simply use lower heats and longer vacuum times than they would when making shatter.

The result is a drier, more delicate concentrate that resembles a honeycomb. Once the fragile honeycomb breaks apart, it becomes crumble wax. With some legal weed producers scrambling to keep up with demand, why take the extra time to craft crumble? Heat can cause a loss of terpenesthe aromatic compounds in cannabis resin that give weed its sought-after scents and flavors.

Excessive heat will evaporate or burn these delicious components from the wax, so making crumble should preserve its terpene contents. Although few studies have looked at carcinogens in concentrates, theoretically, lower heats should minimize the chance that crumble wax will contain these cancer-causing agents.

They boast roughly the same THC values as other popular concentrates. Like other concentrates and extracts, the most efficient way to get crumble wax into the lungs is by dabbing. Dabbing vaporizes the wax by brief application to a hot nail. Nails will completely vaporize the crumble at higher temperatures.

However, many dabbers prefer lower temperatures, which better keeps the terpenes intact, leading to a tastier experience. If going the low-temperature route, be sure to remove any remaining oils from the nail before starting another dab. Residual oils left behind may contain toxic breakdown products. Unlike shatters, crumble wax may be difficult to stick to a wand, an instrument used to apply the wax to a dab rig nail. Just a wee bit of heat should be enough to slightly melt some of the crumble so it will bond to the wand long enough to transfer to the nail.

For those who prefer to roll their weed in joints or blunts, crumbles can be sprinkled across the flower prior to twisting them up. Crumble wax is an excellent way to accurately dose homemade ediblestoo. Packages should list THC content on the labels. After determining how elevated you and your friends want to get, just dissolve the wax in warm cooking oil or butter when making some baked goods.

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white crumble wax

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white crumble wax

Crumble Home Aroma Booberry Pie!Nov 20, 6 minute read. Just like in biblical times, many recreational enthusiasts and medicinal users alike prefer concentrated products over flower.

Post-extraction processing is what gives budder its rich, fatty consistency, sugar its delicate, honey-colored grains, and crumble its sticky, cakey morsels. All cannabis extracts are created either with or without solvents. Classic stoner vernacular can make keeping track of what's what a pain to say the least. So allow me to break down the common dab types and what sets each of them apart from their shelf-mates.

It involves a lengthy purge, heat, cool, repeat process of at least 48 hours that transforms the sticky resinous oil into the brittle dab we know and love.

What Is Crumble Wax – And What’s It Used for?

Can you believe?! With especially brittle shatter, dosing can feel like a cross between a math problem and a jigsaw puzzle, so approach this type of dab with caution. My top pick: Neutron Genetics' Gelato Shatter. Alternatively referred to as badder, batter or crumble, the creamy, moldable textures of wax and budder are the result of a whipping process that incorporates air while evaporating residual solvent.

An aggressive whipping will result in a drier, more crumbly wax, while an abbreviated, less intensive whip will result in a creamy budder. Waxes and budders can have percentages, perfumes, and flavor profiles identical to shatter or oil, meaning the only significant difference is their malleable texture. Pro: Waxes and budders are easily manipulated onto a dab tool, making dosing simple, straightforward, and perfect for novice dabbers building up their dab clout.

Con: This pliable dab type is quick to melt, so make sure your dab tool is at a low room temperature before you attempt to pick up wax or budder with it.

Alternatively known as "pie crust" and occasionally crumble, honeycomb has an aerated texture reminiscent of an actual beehive. Creating honeycomb requires a complex series of post-extraction actions; the raw, freshly extracted slurry is gathered, spread out onto parchment paper, vacuum purged, and then pressed to promote nucleation. To save you a Google trip, nucleation happens when matter enters a new thermodynamic phase and rearranges its structure.

Con: Honeycomb can either be tight and brittle-like shatter or soft and pliable like actual beeswax. There is no established cornerstone of viscosity, which means there can be a lot of variability product to product. This texture happens to be perfect for both dabbing and vaping. Rosin has no post-extraction processing, so the product is the literal result of squeezing the essential oils from dried flowers, typically via a hydraulic press.

Rosin is mostly indistinguishable from butane extractions but without the possibility of lingering solvent. Sugaring occurs when strains with higher fat contents or hydrophilic terpenes begin to separate from the cannabinoids during the extraction process. As the trichomes attempt to return to their original state, they take on the character of glistening sugar granules coated in warm honey.

Con: Collecting sugar on the head of a dab tool can be tricky, especially if the product is particularly loose and oily. Read my review about it here. The same batch of freshly expressed cannabis oil could make shatter, budder, honeycomb, and sugar.

Though each would be singular in its own way, they would retain the same percentages of cannabinoidsas well as the same essential flavors and perfumes established during extraction. What truly differentiates each of these dabs, then? Aesthetics and ease of use.

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Be sure to check out all of our top-rated shatterwaxand rosin. In addition to being an essayist and blogger, Brianna enjoys making music, designing and constructing her own fashions, cooking fabulous dinners, and playing weed sommelier to all of her friends and family. Forgot your password?Think of a concentrate like an egg. There are a variety of ways to cook it, but the end result is still an egg whether you fry it, poach it, or scramble it.

Cannabis concentrates work in much the same way. If you want the benefits of terpenes, make sure the manufacturer has put the strains natural terpenes back into the final shatter or wax product. What makes shatter so appealing? Many enthusiasts love it for the look. The translucent golden sheen of shatter that reminds you of hard candy actually comes from the extraction process.

Much like hard candy, the way to make clear shatter is to leave it alone during the extraction process. Agitation is what causes THC molecules to cloud and turn into a buddery or crumbly consistency. Shatter is most commonly smoked by dabbing. You can learn about dabbingand might consider trying it if you want an intense hit. Shatter also offers a really large bang for your buck. Shatter is also commonly used to top joints or flower. Just a little sprinkle will do the trick.

There are several extraction methods for wax, and CO2 is commonly used alongside butane. Budder and crumble are both wax variations. The major difference between wax, crumble, and shatter is the amount of moisture in the oil, heat levels, and agitation used during the process.

If you follow the candy analogy further, different aeration and heat give us cotton candy, clear hard candy, and chewy caramel. If shatter is the hard candy of the concentrate world, then crumble is the cotton candy. Crumble and other forms of wax are heated at a lower temperature during the drying process. They are also agitated to mix air into the final product. As the wax dries, the air gives the final product the waxy crumbly texture that shatter is missing.

Shatter and wax offer comparable THC concentrations, but many users think that wax has a better taste. The lower heating temperatures preserve more of the terpenes, and more of the strains natural flavoring. With the right dab rig you can always try both before you settle on a personal favorite! What is the difference between wax, shatter, and crumble?

Home Educate Cannabis What is the difference between wax, shatter, and crumble? What is dabbing?

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The Difference Between Wax, Shatter, Crumble, And Other Cannabis Concentrates

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