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Join Date: Jan Posts: 19, Continued: Shift Valve - Before Shift The shift valve assembly, or mechanism, consists of: the shift valve, governor plug, and a spring on the end of the valve. After the manual valve has been placed into a forward gear range, line pressure is directed to the shift valve. As the throttle is depressed, throttle pressure is applied to the right side of the shift valve assembly. With throttle pressure applied to the right side of the valve, there is now both spring pressure and throttle pressure acting on the valve, holding it against the governor plug.

As the vehicle begins to move and build speed, governor pressure is created and is applied to the left of the valve at the governor plug. As the valve moves to the right, the middle land of the valve will close off the circuit supplying the throttle pressure to the right side of the valve. When the throttle pressure is closed off, the valve will move even farther to the right, allowing line pressure to enter another circuit and energize the front servo, applying the front band.

The governor plug serves a dual purpose: It allows the shift valves to move either left or right, allowing both upshifts and downshifts. When in a manual selection position, it will be hydraulically "blocked" into position so no upshift can occur. The physical blocking of the upshift while in the manual "1" position is accomplished by the directing of line pressure between both lands of the governor plug.

The line pressure reacts against the larger land of the plug, pushing the plug back against the end plate overcoming governor pressure. With the combination of the line pressure and spring pressure, the valve cannot move, preventing any upshift.

It is used as both a "relay" and "balanced" valve. The valve has two specific operations: Aid in quality of the upshift. Aid in the quality and timing of the kickdown ranges. When the manual valve is set to the DRIVE position and the transmission is in the first or second gear range, shift control or "modulated throttle pressure" is supplied to the middle of the accumulator piston by the shift control valve.

SONNAX #22771A-01 VALVE, 48RE / 47RE / 46RE / 42RE / 727 / 904, SWITCH VALVE 4 SPOOL

During the upshift, this pressure is used to control the kickdown servo apply pressure that is needed to apply the kickdown and accumulator pistons.

Thus, the shift point is "cushioned" and the quality is improved. During a WOT kickdown, kickdown pressure is applied between the kickdown valve and the shift control valve.Product Announcement. Common complaints on this transmission are TCC slip or shudder, 2 nd gear band and direct clutch failure as well as torque converter drain-back.

This Reprogramming Kit is designed for the aggressive sport driver with engine power additions that is looking for that competitive edge in transmission torque capacity.

Chrysler 48RE Manual

This kit includes valve body and servo components as well as internal components that are calibrated for higher operating pressures in all gears. This kit includes our patent-pending triple valve body separator plate which allows you to achieve TCC operation in all forward gears in 1 st to 4 th on RE type valve bodies.

Therefore, the shifts are short, clean and flat out hold as the power is rolled on. We feel this kit is the Holy Grail of RE valve body kits on the market, you are going love it! There are several innovative components in this kit. One of them is our line-to-converter feed system which helps the unit run cooler and promotes longer TCC clutch life. Likewise, the TransGo pioneered manual valve reduces overnight forward and reverse delayed engagement complaints due to torque converter drain back.

The kit also includes a drop-in detent ball bore repair bullet that works directly in the existing worn bore, this helps with difficult park dis-engagement problem. Similarly, the new drop-in TV and throttle reducing valve boost with relocated lands restores the TV pressure boost system functionality providing quick line pressure response in forward and reverse ranges.

In addition, the valve body modifications provide increased flow to the direct clutch and band release circuit reducing shift overlap. Lastly, you can install this kit with the transmission in the truck. On the other hand, there are internal sealing rings furnished in the kit if the transmission is on the bench for overhaul.

Features and benefits: This Reprogramming Kit is designed for the aggressive sport driver with engine power additions that is looking for that competitive edge in transmission torque capacity.

Packed with patented components There are several innovative components in this kit. Capital Core.Rear end-play shims. More Information. Thread tap is required to use this fitting.

Sonnax AK is designed to allow oil to flow into the converter charge circuit as soon as the engine is started. No machining required.

Fixing Common Dodge Problems - TruckU - Season 7 - Episode 16

This valve is designed to allow oil to flow into the converter charge circuit as soon as the engine is started. Tool FA-TL7 is also required. Continuous movement and vibration of the shifter causes wear to the valve body detent ball bore. By oversizing the detent bore and installing this precision steel sleeve and ball replacement corrects the problem.

Sonnax TL12 tool is required. Use with K More Information. Corrects over sensitive kickdown and late upshift. The Sonnax oversized lockup boost valve restores the proper pressures to the switch valve and main regulator valve, ensuring proper flow through the converter and lube circuit and correcting line pressure. Tool kit for K. This upgraded sleeve and plug kit restores hydraulic integrity of the circuit.

Excessive wear at the regulator valve pressure sleeve causes low boost pressure in reverse resulting in reverse gear slippage, poor cool charge at idle and poor forward engagement.

Sonnax BK More Information. Reverse servo piston 2. Designed to prevent the piston from sticking in the bore. This piston corrects direct clutch failure caused by pin to piston wear. This shim kit contains 1 x. Repairs the broken fitting for the cooler return line. The kit contains 5 fittings and a thread tap. This valve prevents lock up shudder, soft torque converter apply and torque converter overheating.

Can only be used on unit with the 4 spool OEM valve. Use to repair the accumulator bore and save the case. This is a direct replacement part, no machining required. These parts enable the removal of the plug and pilot from the intermediate shaft for cleaning. This is a direct replacement part. Replacement governor valve will salvage governors with a worn aluminum primary governor valve.

U-shaper bracket on the top of the valve body that retains the boost spring and valve. This broken retainer will cause loose pressure for 4th gear and or TCC apply. Toggle navigation. Special Deals and Coupons! Core Exchange Policy.Quick Links. Table of Contents. The 48RE shaft through to the output shaft. With the rear annulus gear stationary, the rear planet rotation on the annulus gear causes the When the gearshift lever is moved into the DRIVE rear planet carrier to revolve in a counterclockwise position the transmission goes into first gear Fig.

The direct clutch is disengaged 1 Check fluid level and condition. The boost The overdrive psi kPa with throttle lever forward clutch pressure port is at the left rear of the case.

If bushing is scored, replace it. If converter hub is scored, either polish it with crocus cloth or replace converter. Fluid Level Low.

Throttle Linkage Mis-adjusted. Adjust linkage - setting may be too long. Correct level and check for leaks. Filter Clogged.

Change filter. MOVE 2. Park Sprag Sticking. Replace overdrive annulus gear. Adjust linkage. Accelerator Pedal Travel 2.Join Date: Jan Posts: 19, The Basics The 48RE is a four speed fully automatic transmissions with an electronic governor.

The 48RE is equipped with a lock-up clutch in the torque converter. First through third gear ranges are provided by the clutches, bands, overrunning clutch, and planetary gear sets in the transmission. Fourth gear range is provided by the overdrive unit that contains an overdrive clutch, direct clutch, planetary gear set, and overrunning clutch.

The transmission contains a front, rear, and direct clutch which function as the input driving components. The driving and holding components combine to select the necessary planetary gear components, in the front, rear, or overdrive planetary gear set, transfer the engine power from the input shaft through to the output shaft. The oil pump is mounted at the front of the transmission and is driven by the torque converter hub.

Transmission identification numbers are stamped on the left side of the case just above the oil pan gasket surface. Refer to this information when ordering replacement parts. The 48RE gear ratios are: 1st 2. The application of each driving or holding component is controlled by the valve body based upon the manual lever position, throttle pressure, and governor pressure.

The governor pressure is a variable pressure input to the valve body and is one of the signals that a shift is necessary. First through fourth gear are obtained by selectively applying and releasing the different clutches and bands. Engine power is thereby routed to the various planetary gear assemblies which combine with the overrunning clutch assemblies to generate the different gear ratios.

The torque converter clutch is hydraulically applied and is released when fluid is vented from the hydraulic circuit by the torque converter control TCC solenoid on the valve body.

48RE Parts

The torque converter clutch will disengage momentarily when an increase in engine load is sensed by the PCM, such as when the vehicle begins to go uphill or the throttle pressure is increased. The torque converter clutch feature increases fuel economy and reduces the transmission fluid temperature.

Since the overdrive clutch is applied in fourth gear only and the direct clutch is applied in all ranges except fourth gear, the transmission operation for park, neutral, and first through third gear will be described first.

Once these powerflows are described, the third to fourth shift sequence will be described. The notched hub of the torque converter is connected to the oil pump's internal gear, supplying the transmission with oil pressure. As the converter turns, it turns the input shaft in a clockwise direction. As the input shaft is rotating, the front clutch hub-rear clutch retainer and all their associated parts are also rotating, all being directly connected to the input shaft.

The power flow from the engine through the front clutch hub and rear clutch retainer stops at the rear clutch retainer. Therefore, no power flow to the output shaft occurs because no clutches are applied. The only mechanism in use at this time is the parking sprag ,which locks the parking gear on the output shaft to the transmission case.

The only operational difference is that the parking sprag has been disengaged, unlocking the output shaft from the transmission case and allowing it to move freely. With the application of the front clutch, engine torque is applied to the sun gear, turning it in a clockwise direction.

The clockwise rotation of the sun gear causes the rear planet pinions to rotate against engine rotation in a counterclockwise direction.

The rear band is holding the low reverse drum, which is splined to the rear carrier. Since the rear carrier is being held, the torque from the planet pinions is transferred to the rear annulus gear, which is splined to the output shaft. The output shaft in turn rotates with the annulus gear in a counterclockwise direction giving a reverse gear output.Paid users can log in for email or chat support.

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SONNAX #22771A-01 VALVE, 48RE / 47RE / 46RE / 42RE / 727 / 904, SWITCH VALVE 4 SPOOL

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48re switch valve spring

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48re switch valve spring

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48re switch valve spring

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